Exploring The Neighborhood

On Wednesday, 25 February 2015, Grade 4 students walked around the neighborhood outside of Kemang Pratama as a tuning in activity to the upcoming Unit of Inquiry. Even though most of them have lived nearby this area for a long time, they discovered many new things about the place nearby the school premise. 

before we had the walk, the students discussed about “tata krama” or ettiquetes in visiting new place

It was quite a long walk with many discoveries and challenges.

Understanding the Concept of Angles and Lines

This week the students learned the concept of angles and lines. They showed their understanding of the concepts through objects they could find around them, using variety of measuring tools, as well as describing them using their bodies. It was a very engaging topic.


Identifying types of line intersections using square sets and protractor




Show me how perpendicular looks like


Creating and Labeling Angels using body parts