Math (April -June 2016)

To support concept form and connection, grade 4 students will learn about numbers and data handling.


  • Decimals (Form, Connection)
  1. Writing a number between two consecutive whole numbers using decimal notation.
  2. Identify the place values and number values of the digits in a decimal number
  3. Convert decimal number to fraction or mixed number
  4. Convert a fraction whose denominator is a factor of 10 or 100 to  decimal
  5. Use number line to display decimal numbers
  6. Compare and ordering decimal numbers
  7. Add or subtract decimal numbers
  8. Perform multiplication of decimal numbers by 1-digit whole number (check reasonableness of answers)
  9. Perform division of a whole number by a whole number with answer in mixed fraction and decimal form
  10. Solving problems involving decimals


Data Handling (Form):

  1. Doing simple experiment (ex. with coin or dice) and write the possible outcomes
  2. Express the probability of an event using simple fractions
  3. Compare the probability of two or more events

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