Gr.4 Learning Celebration – Wax Museum

To celebrate the students learning this semester, grade 4 students have a project of becoming a wax statue of a world explorer.  The students dig facts about the explorer’s biography, motivations, impacts of the exploration, and the routes of explorations.  They display all the information on the exploration board.  When a visitor come to visit their booths, the visitor must take a flag from the display board, then the wax statue will become alive and start presenting all the information about the explorer.

All students worked hard in this project.  They memorized  all facts about the explorers, they practiced to present it, they prepared the display boards by themselves, not to forget, they prepared the costumes of the explorer to be worn on the D day.  They were all enthusiastic and learned a meaningful lesson in preparing the learning celebration.  You’ve done a fantastic job, kiddos!


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