Visual Arts (February – April 2016)

As students need longer time to create a Board Game for VA project, thus in we are going to  start the 4th unit earlier. In making the Board Game, students will need to Design and craft a board game together that can be played for real. Each class will be divided into 4 groups to use their Research skills, Thinking skills, Self-management skills, Social skills and Communication skills in order to finish this project.

To support the 4th unit of Where We Are In Place and Time, grade 4 students will going to explore the key concepts of Form, Function, and Causation.




In here student will be able to choose what kind of board game they want to make and design how it’s going to be played. Students are also allowed to make a common board game include crafting the characters and decorate it as neat as possible. Because this project has to be able to play with for real, students need to make sure they also making the rules book, and all the equipment needed to play with. Therefore student will spent longer time in planning and designing first before begin in crafting it.



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