Visual Arts (January 2016)

On unit 4 of “How The World Works”, students will create a creative collage art on A3 paper with supporting key concepts of Causation, Connection, and Perspective.

Skills: Thinking skills and Self-management skills

Collage (Shape Collage, Decoupage, Bricollage)

WALT: Create a creative Collage Art on A3 Paper



  1. Drafting the collage clearly with explanation of the type and colour that going to be use for the paper or any other materials
  2. Start by collecting the paper shreds according to colour that are going to be use
  3. Making the collage by gluing the shredded papers according to the draft or plan
  4. Finish collage should be full A3 paper


  1. Bring unused newspapers, magazines, flyer, booklet, and any other materials they need.
  2. Glue
  3. Ruler

For visual arts, we are going to finish this unit earlier in order to give longer time for the next unit which is “Where We Are In Place and Time” where the students need longer time in making the board game project.


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