Mathematics January – February 2016

In this unit, grade 4 students will learn:

  • Angles and Lines  (Angles as a measure for rotation)
  1. Identifying angles in 2D shapes
  2. Name an angle in a point, for example by using notation such as ∠ABC.
  3. Estimate and measure angles in degrees using protractor.
  4. Identifying right angles, angles greater or less than 90°.
  5. Drawing an angle given using a protractor.
  6. Identifying perpendicular or parallel lines.
  7. Drawing a line passing a point that perpendicular or parrallel to a given line.
  8. Solve problem involving angles and lines.
  • Shape and Space

Reflective and rotational symmetry

  1. Describing the properties of reflective symmetry.
  2. Transform objects by reflect it to a line. (vertical, horizontal, diagonal)
  3. Identify the image of an object after reflection to a line.
  4. Identify clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.
  5. Transform the position of objects by rotate it to quarter turn, half-turn, three quarter-turn, and whole turn from a reference point (the center)
  6. Associating quarter turn, half-turn, three-quarter turn, and whole turn with 90°, 180°, 270°, and 360° respectively.
  7. Identify the image of objects after rotation.

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