In line with our UOI theme “Who We Are”, grade 4 students have been learning about “Effective interactions between human body systems contribute to health”. Students learned through variety of resources and learning experiences about what system is. To check their prior knowledge about body system, they were asked to draw human body organs. In finding out stage, we went to Museum Anatomi in Atmajaya University, Pluit Jakarta on Tuesday, 20 September 2015. The excursion was aimed to learn and observe the real human body organs.

In this learning experience, grade 4 students discovered that there are more than one system in human body: digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system and skeletal system. During the excursion, students listened attentively to a presentation by Dr. Tena. She is a doctor and lecturer in Atmajaya Hospital and University. She explained about digestive and respiratory systems. In this session, students showed their curiosity by asking a lot of questions.

After that, students explored the Museum to learn and see directly the real organs and systems inside human body. Students explored the Museum in group of nine and they were guided by some doctors from Atmajaya Hospital. Students got explanation about human organs, body systems and the function of each organ. Students could see organs in human body such as heart, liver, muscle, pancreas, brain, embryo, baby, etc. They also got explanation and found the evidence about the impact of lifestyle choices to human body organs and systems. When they have done all of activities, they ate their lunch and returned to Sekolah Victory Plus.

IMG_3268 IMG_3319 IMG_3322 IMG_3323


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