English (September-November 2015)

For this Unit of Inquiry (Who We Are), the students will explore different informational texts to explain procedures, concepts or scientific informations relate to their health and the body systems. They will have to explain “What happened and why” based on the informations they will collect in a journal and present the results of their experimentation on “How to stay healthy” (using a specific vocabulary, forms of grammar and forms of speech). Through the guided, independent reading and diverses learning activities, they will develop their vocabulary linked to the body systems.


  • Reread, edit and review
  • Use appropriate punctuation to support meaning
  • Select vocabulary and supporting details to achieve desired effects


  • Read a variety of books for pleasure, instruction and information
  • Know how to skim and scan texts to decide whether they will be useful
  • Access information from a variety of texts both in print and online

Speaking and Listening

  • Listen reflectively, appreciably and responsively
  • Explain and discuss the writing with peers and adults
  • Use a range of specific vocabulary and forms of grammar in different situations

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