Math (August – September 2015)

To support the concept of Function, the students are going to learn the following things:


Whole Number (up to 100.000)

  1. Read and write whole numbers within 100.000 in numerals and figures (put “.” to indicate thousand)
  2. Write numbers in expanded notation and identify the place value and number value of each digits
  3. Round off number to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and 10.000
  4. Find some tens, hundreds, thousands, or tens thousands  more/less than a number without having to count
  5. Complete number patterns (number lines and skip counting)
  6. Compare and order numbers or sets of quantity

Data Handling

Data Presentation Tables and Line Graphs

  1. Read and interpret tables, line graphs, including mentioning range, maximum or minimum value of the data.
  2. Complete a table from given data
  3. Create a line graphs based on given data
  4. Solve problems using information presented in tables and line graphs

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