English UOI 6 Sharing the Planet (May-June 2015)

Dear Parents,

In UOI 6 Sharing the planet April 27 to June 25 English will be supporting the unit through the writing form of Report writing. Students will learn about steps to writing a report, practice topic researching and publishing. Students will write independently to build confidence and develop a personal writing voice. Also students will work on increasing their accuracy in spelling high frequency words and familiar words.

With reading students will continue developing skills to cooperatively work with others to research, read, evaluate and interpret sources  materials. As well, students will  such as books, dictionaries, internet sites and applications with increasing independence and responsibility. In addition, reading strategies such as making connections  will continue to be a focus in English.While with listening and speaking students will work on using specific vocabulary in various situations so to develop more understanding about  how language effects purpose, context and audience. In addition, students will continue developing oral language skills involving accuracy and with increased confidence. Concerning grammar, students will focus on comparisons (more and most), relative clauses, and writing a passage of 75-100 words, and continue writing paragraphs of different lengths.


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