Visiting the Kantor Walikota Bekasi

On Monday, 8 December 2014, our students had a memorable learning experience to support our Unit of Inquiry (The government system influences the lives of the citizens) as they visited Kantor Walikota Bekasi (the Mayor’s office of Bekasi).  We were welcomed by the Mayor, Bapak Rahmat Effendi, when we arrived at the site.

The students and teachers had the opportunity to take part in some of the governmental activities such as the Monday Morning Briefing Ceremony, which was led by the Mayor himself.  In the ceremony, the Mayor appraised our school visit as a very meaningful activity for primary school students.  He even instructed the educational division in the city (including all the principals of the state schools who attended the ceremony) to make this a weekly program.

After the ceremony, the students were guided to explore the office site by the head of public relation division, Ibu Teti Handayani (Kasubag Hubungan Eksternal bagian Humas Pemda Bekasi).  They listened to the presentation from Ibu Teti about the divisions in the local government of Bekasi.  Moreover, the students even got to display their inquiring skills by asking critical questions related to the government, all of which impressed the Governmental staff and the local news reporters.


Students were lining up to join the Monday Morning Briefing Ceremony


After the ceremony, we took picture with the Mayor, Pak Rahmat Effendi, and the Head of the Education Division.


In the midst of his busy schedule, Pak Rahmat Effendi, had kindly spared his time to answer some of the critical questions from students


We gave a token of gratitude to Pak Walikota, for supporting our learning this unit.


We’re on the news 🙂


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