Unit of Inquiry ( October – November 2014)

Transdisciplinary Theme : Who We Are

An inquiry into the nature of the self;beliefs and values; personal, physical,mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including families, friends, communities and cultures; rights and responsibilities; what it means to be human.

Central idea: Effective interactions between human body systems contribute to health and survival

Concepts: Function, Connection and Responsibility
Related concepts: body system, interdependence, survival

Lines of Inquiry:

  • How body systems work
  • How body systems are interdependent
  • The impact of lifestyle choices on the body

Summative Task:

The students are going to work in pairs. One of them is going to act as a doctor and the partner will act a a patient. The patient will come to the doctor and explain her/his health problem. The doctor will analyze the problem and explain the connection between the patient’s problem and the human body system; suggest some great strategies to do for the patient to avoid the same problem happens in the future.

The focused learner profile within the Unit of Inquiry :

Inquirers, Thinkers, Balanced

Inquirers and Thinkers : The students will develop their curiosity and thinking skills by asking a lot of questions, learn to find the answers of their questions about various human body systems.

Balanced : Learning this UOI will give opportunities for the students to learn and to apply balanced and healthy life style. They will learn some strategies on how to keep their human body systems healthy.

Things parents can do to support their children to live the focused learner profile above at home:

  • Inquirers = Check your child understanding by asking what she/he has learned at school.
  • Inquirers =Guide/help your child to do research using books and trusted websites.
  • Inquirers= If you visit some countries with your child, explore the culture of the countries.
  • Thinkers= Teach your child to solve his/her problems by herself/himself before asking for help.
  • Thinkers = Ask your child to show evidence for each ideas/opinions she/he has.
  • Balanced = Do regular exercise with your child.
  • Balanced = Spend your time to read books with your child.
  • Balanced = Cook healthy meal for your family.
  • Balanced = Spend your time to do your hobby with your family.

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