For Parents

  1. This blog is one way of communicating between parents and teachers.
  2. It will be used to share past, ongoing and near future events.
  3. PYP Updates will now be a part of the class’ blog (it will no longer be part of the school’s blog)
  4. It is not a replacement of communication book
  5. Teachers will update the blog once a week (except for PYP Updates which will be updated once a month)
  6. Parents can only post comments
  7. Blog is not for communicating in which immediate response is needed.
  8. Please post constructive comments that will support students’ learning.
  9. Not all students’ photos can appear in the same article at once. But teachers will make sure that all students appear at least once in the blog.  Students will have their activities photos in their portfolio.
  10. PYP Updates is for the plan of the whole unit.
  11. Learning Experiences is for ongoing learning activities.
  12. “Events” is for whole school events that have already taken place.
  13. All comments will be moderated. Comments that don’t follow the procedure will not be approved.
      • Negative comments
      • Questions that need immediate responds
      • Questions that don’t relate to the purpose(s) of the blog
      • Commercial comment

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